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Services that we offer

Generic strategies and Competitor Intelligence

Entry into the European, UK or Israeli generic markets is not easy!

Although the UK is perhaps the ideal model of a generic market in Europe, where price is generally determined by the rules of supply an demand, it can be difficult for companies outside the EU to understand its dynamics. This is just as true for other EU markets. since each differs quite significantly from the others.

As someone with a great deal of experience helping companies make this entry, and as a trainer on the subject and author of a report for Reuters Business Insights on the topic, I am in an excellent position to help you with your growth strategy.


Examples of previous projects

Interpharm has worked with a number of companies on a variety of generic related projects. Here are a few examples of these assignments:-

Generic clients (generally for non-EU companies)

Some clients have asked for more than one of these services, and certain activities have been carried out for several clients.

Services provided to branded companies

• Researched potential generic competition to brands with imminent patent expiry

• Analysis of potential weaknesses and vulnerability to generic competition

• Advised on strategies for possible entry into the generics business

• Advised on strategies for dealing with generic competition (several companies)

• Run seminars for senior management on the generic industry and how it differs from branded pharma

• Advised branded company on possible strategies for launching their own generic

• Conducted various ad-hoc market research projects, not always related to generics

In-house and remote training

Please contact me to obtain an overview of the other training topics that Interpharm can offer or about developing one specifically for your company.

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