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What is the big deal about using podcasts?

The answer is that they can be a very cost-effective way of spreading a training message

Some thoughts about podcasts.....

I was recently asked by a leading pharmaceutical company  to help them with some internal training on a particular topic.

The company is a multinational and has employees across several time zones. The obvious question was “What would be the best way to reach them all?” We came up with a few ideas and then considered the pros and cons of each.

Videoconferencing was a possible solution - but not an ideal one.

The advantage is that it enables you to reach a large number of people simultaneously without any geographical limitations with the added possibility of audience interaction with the speaker. In addition, it does not involve a lot of expensive and time-consuming travel from location to location for the trainer,

The downside, though,  is that whatever time zone we were to run it would be ideal for a small group in , say, the European time zone, ridiculously late for others in Asian time zones and annoyingly early for those in some of the American time zones, whether north or south.

That does not mean that videoconferencing is necessarily a bad idea, or completely unsuitable, just that we could see that there would also be disadvantages.

We looked at running separate on-site training sessions at various locations.

The advantages are the personal connection between trainer and delegates and increased opportunities for interactions, but there are also downsides. For example, it is and expensive and very time consuming option when you consider the travelling costs and other overheads.

How about podcasts, then? Interesting idea - but why? What are the advantages?

Well, when we went though them and compared them to the other alternatives that I mentioned before, we realised that there are many advantages.

Sounds like a good idea? Please contact me to discuss this or any other internal  or virtual training needs that you might have.

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