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Below is a list of some of the services I can offer:

Generic Marketing strategies
I am able to help you with formulating your strategy for entry into the UK or European generic markets.


Although the UK is perhaps the ideal model of a generic market in Europe, where price is generally determined by product availability, it can be difficult for companies outside the EU to understand its dynamics. This is also true about other EU markets since each differs quite significantly from the others.


As someone with a great deal of experience helping companies make this entry, and as author of a report for Reuters Business Insights on this topic, I am in an excellent position to help you with your growth strategy.


Particular areas of expertise cover provision of information on the UK and European generic markets including topics such as:

  • product pricing
  • levels of competition
  • local manufacturers
  • local distributors
  • potential legal issues
  • IP issues

both in the highly competitive British market and in continental Europe. This can include advice on potential patent complications where appropriate and help with locating suitable business partners in these markets.


Generic defence strategies

Who is better placed to offer you advice about how to defend your brand than someone who has spent years in the generic industry attacking brands? Once again I can point to both practical experience and authorship of a report on this topic as evidence of my knowledge in this area.


Market Intelligence

Interpharm has assisted a number of international companies with the collection of competitive and market intelligence. While my background is predominantly in the sphere of generics and biosimilars, I have also done research in other fields, with emphasis on the European market.

Over the past few years, I have carried out projects on behalf of several market intelligence companies and am seeking to expand the group of companies to whom I provide such services. I cannot provide any details of these projects, but you can find some outline information about previous projects on my website home page.

Local EU representation for overseas companies

I have excellent links to generic and branded companies and distributors in several EU countries and can help to arrange distribution for manufacturers based outside the region


In-house training HO_00224

Interpharm Consultancy has run a number of in-house training sessions for both branded and generic companies. Please click on the tablet to download the brochure for an example of a seminar “Introduction to the Generics Industry” that I have run successfully for several years both in the UK and in India.


I can also offer a “Biosimilars workshop” for in-house training. The programme for the half-day session is available by clicking on the link above.


Packaging design

When at Ranbaxy I was responsible for creating the “Big Blue R” logo that the company still uses. This is an area whose importance many companies have overlooked. Interpharm has since helped other firms produce new and attractive packaging designs that have helped improve the company’s image.


Bioavailability studies

I can help you to arrange low-cost, high quality bioavailability and biosimilarity clinical studies for generics at our associate company Cliantha Research which is also able to offer Phase I and Phase III studies. All studies comply with current GCP and GLP requirements and more details are available on the Bioequivalence page of this site


Translation services

Interpharm has carried out translation of pharmaceutical, technical and marketing literature into English from French, German and Spanish and offers this as an additional service


Regulatory support

Interpharm’s associates can provide advice on submission of generic registration applications for formulations and adapting formulation manufacturing facilities to meet GMP / MCA requirements.

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