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About Interpharm

Interpharm Consultancy is an independent consultancy with extensive experience in the fields of generic, biosimilar and branded market topics.

When I founded it in 1997, my intention was to build on my own extensive experience in developing the European generic business of Norton-IVAX and UK business of Ranbaxy and to put this knowledge at the disposal of my clients.

You can find out more about the services that I offer on the Services page and my background in my Curriculum Vitae. This also provides information about some of the generics reports that I have written here in the Publications section of that page.

Interpharm can advise on:-

  • Finding business partners for your products
  • Market Intelligence - what are competitors doing? Who already has a registration for your target product?
  • Competitive intelligence in the branded, biosimilar and generic fields
  • Competition issues and drivers in the European and US markets
  • Information on market prices and pricing issues
  • Defending your branded product from generic and biosimilar competition
  • Obtaining national and DCP/MRP registration
  • Questions relating to patents and IP issues

Please also download the latest Interpharm brochure for more detailed information about how Interpharm can help you.


Fees and charges

I usually work on the basis of a fee per day for one-off and ad-hoc projects or on a monthly arrangement for longer relationships. With product sourcing or representation, I also ask for a combination of success fee and royalties which I am happy to negotiate with you according to what suits your circumstances.

Please contact me for more specific information


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